Where can I find speeches made during the General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council meetings?
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The United Nations Digital Library provides information about statements made by representatives of UN Member States and UN officials in meetings of the General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council. Coverage includes the Security Council starting in 1964, the General Assembly starting in 1983, the Economic and Social Council starting in 1946, and the Trusteeship Council starting in 1982. For older statements, use the Index to Proceedings.

The speeches can be searched by:

  • meeting record symbol
  • speaker
  • country/organization
  • topic (agenda)
  • speech date

Once you have performed your initial search, on the left side of the results, you can filter using the "Speeches" facet in Resource type. 

The search can also be limited by the principal organ where the statement was made using UN Body facets.

For example, in a search by speaker's name (Clinton), the search results include both Hilary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton, and indicate the role in which they made the statements. On the left side of the results, the UN Body facets allow filtering by the body in which they spoke.


If the speaker is representing a Member State as Foreign Minister (or equivalent) or Ambassador to the United Nations or as a lower office holder, the office is not indicated. If the speaker is a UN official or the head of state or government of a member state, the official title is indicated.

It is possible to search for statements of head of state by title and country:

United Nations Digital Library search with the terms Mexico president in the Speeches collection


To consult the text of the speech you are interested in, click on the name of the speaker. The details of the speech appear. You can click on the symbol in the "Meeting record" line to access the PDF of the meeting record.


The details of the meeting record appear. You can download the PDF of the meeting record in one of the languages offered. Please note that, in a meeting, several representatives of UN Member States and/or UN officials usually speak and the meeting record provides the text to all these statements. Inside the PDF of the meeting record, you have to search for the statement of the speaker of your interest. 


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