Where can I find statements made in "explanation of vote"?
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Statements made in explanation of vote are found in meeting records, usually in the meeting at which the vote was held.

For example, in A/C.2/68/SR.39, Saudi Arabia made a statement in explanation of vote on behalf of the Group of Arab States:

Image of document A/C.2/68/SR.39, para. 18, statement by Saudi Arabia in explanation of vote

If you know the date of the meeting or the symbol of the meeting record, search in the United Nations Digital Library, the online catalogue of UN documents and publications. There is no subject term to identify statements made in explanation of vote.

If you don't have the date or symbol, try full-text searching. After a simple search for "explanation of vote" and the country name, toggle the Fulltext Search ON.

On occasion, states may send letters to the UN in explanation of vote.

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