What is the International Criminal Court (ICC) and what is its relationship with the UN?
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The following information comes from the UN Documentation: International Law research guide.


Other sources that may be helpful in your research:

  • Summary of Work of the International Law Commission: Draft code of crimes against peace and security of mankind (Part II)
    • Summarizes the studies and the work done by the International Law Commission that led to the creation of the Rome Statute 
  • ICC Annual Report to the General Assembly
    • Submitted via the Secretary-General in accordance with article 6 of the Relationship agreement 
  • Secretary-General Reports
    • On the implementation of article 3 of the Relationship agreement
    • Expenses incurred and reimbursement received by the United Nations in connection with assistance provided to the International Criminal Court 
      • An itemized list of expenses incurred by the UN and reimbursement received from the ICC
  • ICC Legal Tools database
    • Includes ICC documents, preparatory works and statute amendments, and other documentation related to international criminal law 
  • Repertoire of Practice of the Security Council
    • A detailed analysis of the work of the Security Council
    • ICC situations will be found under Chapter VII


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