Where can I find statements made by Israel during the General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly?
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FAQs about the General Debate provide comprehensive historic information (1946-2021) and are not updated after the 76th session of the General Assembly. For the latest General Debate statements, see the continually updated research tools linked below.

Representatives of Israel have delivered statements at the following General Debates of the General Assembly:

76th sess. [2021, 27 Sept.]: A/76/PV.16*: Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

75th sess. [2020, 29 Sept.]: A/75/PV.14*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

74th sess. [2019, 26 Sept.]: A/74/PV.8: Israel Katz

73rd sess. [2018, 27 Sept.]: A/73/PV.10*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

72nd sess. [2017, 19 Sept.]: A/72/PV.4*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

71st sess. [2016, 22 Sept.]: A/71/PV.14*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

70th sess. [2015, 1 Oct.]: A/70/PV.22*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

69th sess. [2014]: A/69/PV.17*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

68th sess. [2013]: A/68/PV.23*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

67th sess. [2012, 27 Sept.]: A/67/PV.12*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

66th sess. [2011, 23 Sept.]: A/66/PV.19*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

65th sess. [2010]: A/65/PV.21: Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Liberman

2010, 20 Sept.: A/65/PV.3*: President Shimon Peres (High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals)

64th sess. [2009, 24 Sept.]: A/64/PV.5*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

63rd sess. [2008, 24 Sept.]: A/63/PV.7*: President Shimon Peres

62nd sess. [2007]: A/62/PV.12: Deputy Prime Minister Tzipi Livni

61st sess. [2006]: A/61/PV.13: Deputy Prime Minister Tzipi Livni

60th sess. [2005]: A/60/PV.15: Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom (A/60/PV.16: Dan Gillerman)

2005, 15 Sept.: A/60/PV.5*: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

59th sess. [2004]: A/59/PV.7: Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom

58th sess. [2003]: A/58/PV.11: Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom

57th sess. [2002]: A/57/PV.14: Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres

56th sess. [2001]: A/56/PV.54: Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres

55th sess. [2000]: A/55/PV.20: Shlomo Ben-Ami

2000, 6 Sept.: A/55/PV.3*: Prime Minister Ehud Barak (United Nations Millennium Summit)

54th sess. [1999]: A/54/PV.16: Deputy Prime Minister David Levy (A/54/PV.19 and A/54/PV.21: Gold Dore)

53rd sess. [1998, 24 Sept.]: A/53/PV.13*: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

1998, 9 June: A/S-20/PV.4: Joshua Matza

52nd sess. [1997]: A/52/PV.15: David Levy

51st sess. [1996]: A/51/PV.20: Deputy Prime Minister David Levy

1995, 24 Oct.: A/50/PV.39*: Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations)

50th sess. [1995]: A/50/PV.14: Shimon Peres

49th sess. [1994]: A/49/PV.10: Shimon Peres

48th sess. [1993]: A/48/PV.6: Shimon Peres

47th sess. [1992]: A/47/PV.20: Shimon Peres

46th sess. [1991]: A/46/PV.18: David Levy

45th sess. [1990]: A/45/PV.14: David Levy

1990, 27 Apr.: A/S-18/PV.7: Ephraim Dowek

1990, 22 Feb.: A/S-17/PV.5: Benny Arad

44th sess. [1989]: A/44/PV.9: Moshe Arens

43rd sess. [1988]: A/43/PV.9: Shimon Peres (A/43/PV.21: Jeremy Nissim Issacharoff)

1988, 7 June: A/S-15/PV.11*: Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir

42nd sess. [1987]: A/42/PV.17: Shimon Peres

41st sess. [1986]: A/41/PV.16: Yitzhak Shamir

1985, 21 Oct.: A/40/PV.42*: Prime Minister Shimon Peres (Commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the United Nations)

40th sess. [1985]: A/40/PV.18: Yitzhak Shamir

39th sess. [1984]: A/39/PV.18: Yitzhak Shamir

1983, 16 Nov.: A/38/PV.58*: President Chaim Herzog

38th sess. [1983]: A/38/PV.15: Yehuda Z. Blum

37th sess. [1982]: A/37/PV.11: Yitzhak Shamir

1982, 18 June: A/S-12/PV.18*: Prime Minister Menachem Begin

36th sess. [1981]: A/36/PV.22: Menachem Begin (A/36/PV.33: Yehuda Z. Blum)

35th sess. [1980]: A/35/PV.15: Yitzhak Shamir (A/35/PV.33: Yehuda Z. Blum)

34th sess. [1979]: A/34/PV.12: Moshe Dayan (A/34/PV.28 and  A/34/PV.32: Yehuda Z. Blum)

33rd sess. [1978]: A/33/PV.26: Moshe Dayan (A/33/PV.34: Yehuda Z. Blum)

32nd sess. [1977]: A/32/PV.27: Moshe Dayan (A/32/PV.33: Chaim Herzog)

31st sess. [1976]: A/31/PV.22: Chaim Herzog (A/31/PV.32: Yigal Allon)

30th sess. [1975]: A/PV.2368: Yigal Allon

29th sess. [1974]: A/PV.2255: Yigal Allon

28th sess. [1973]: A/PV.2139: Abba Solomon Eban

27th sess. [1972]: A/PV.2045:Abba Solomon Eban

26th sess. [1971]: A/PV.1946: Abba Solomon Eban

1970, 21 Oct.: A/PV.1876*: Prime Minister Golda Meir (Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations)

25th sess. [1970]: A/PV.1851: Abba Solomon Eban

24th sess. [1969]: A/PV.1757: Abba Solomon Eban (A/PV.1758: Shabtai Rosenne)

23rd sess. [1968]: A/PV.1686: Abba Solomon Eban

1968, 5 Jan.: Prime Minister Levi Eshkol [visit only]

22nd sess. [1967]: A/PV.1566: Abba Solomon Eban (A/PV.1577: Abba Solomon Eban)

21st sess. [1966]: A/PV.1428: Abba Solomon Eban (A/PV.1447: Michael Comay)

1966, 1 Aug.: President Zalman Shazar [visit only]

20th sess. [1965]: A/PV.1352: Golda Meir

19th sess. [1964-1965]: A/PV.1296: Abba Solomon Eban (A/PV.1310: Abba Solomon Eban)

1964, 4 June: Prime Minister Levi Eshkol [visit only]

18th sess. [1963]: A/PV.1224: Golda Meir (A/PV.1239: Michael Comay)

17th sess. [1962]: A/PV.1148: Golda Meir (A/PV.1150: Michael Comay)

16th sess. [1961]: A/PV.1030: Golda Meir (A/PV.1039: Golda Meir)

15th sess. [1960]: A/PV.897: Golda Meir (A/PV.899: Michael Comay, A/PV.907: Golda Meir)

1960, 14 Apr.: Prime Minister David Ben Gurion [visit only]

14th sess. [1959]: A/PV.806: Golda Meir (A/PV.820 and A/PV.823: Arthur Lourie)

13th sess. [1958]: A/PV.773: Golda Meir

12th sess. [1957]: A/PV.701: Golda Meir

11th sess. [1956]: A/PV.609: Golda Meir

10th sess. [1955]: A/PV.532: Abba Solomon Eban

9th sess. [1954]: A/PV.491: Abba Solomon Eban

8th sess. [1953]: A/PV.449: Abba Solomon Eban

7th sess. [1952]: A/PV.397: Abba Solomon Eban

6th sess. [1951]: A/PV.346: Moshe Sharett

1951, 9 May: Prime Minister David Ben Gurion [visit only]

5th sess. [1950]: A/PV.286: Moshe Sharett

4th sess. [1949]: A/PV.229: Aubrey Eban


Note: An asterisk [*] indicates a statement made by a Head of State or Government or a dignitary. Symbols in parentheses indicates right of reply. Symbols where no session information is given indicates that the statement was delivered during a High Level Meeting.


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