Where can I get information on petitions and resolutions by the United Nations Trusteeship Council concerning territories administered under British colonial territories?
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Resolutions presented to the Trusteeship Council are available from the United Nations Digital Library, the online catalogue of UN documents and publications, under the symbol series T/RES/--.

Petitions are available in hard copies from the Dag Hammarskjöld UN Library in New York under the symbol series: T/PET/--. Petitions issued after 1993 are available in full text from the Library catalogue.

Symbol prefixes of petitions of territories under British Administration are as follows:

  • T/PET.2/-- Petitions Concerning Tanganyika under British Administration 1947-1962
  • T/PET.4 & 5-- Petitions concerning the Cameroons under British and French administration 1952-1959
  • T/PET.4 -- Petitions concerning the Cameroons under British administration 1947-1961
  • T/PET.5 -- Petitions concerning the Cameroons under French administration 1948-1959
  • T/PET.6 -- Petitions concerning Togoland under British administration 1947-1956
  • T/PET.9 -- Petitions concerning Nauru under the joint administration of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom 1949-1968

More information on the United Nations Document Symbols is available in ST/LIB/SER.B/5/Rev.5.

The Index to the Proceedings of the Trusteeship Council and the Yearbook of the United Nations are good research resources to identify individual petitions and related materials.

Since pre-1993 document are not digitized, researchers outside the UN Headquarters can visit their local UN depository libraries to conduct their research from print collections.


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