What is a Factiva Reader ID?
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Factiva is a subscription database that provides access to news resources from around the world in twenty-eight languages including all the official UN languages. Titles include the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, El País, New York Times, and many others.  

Sample alert The news alert feed below provides an example of Factiva alert results for Security Council related news.


The Dag Hammarskjöld Library provides Factiva Reader IDs for current UN Secretariat staff based in New York, and for UN staff from some entities in the field.

  • The Library provides a unique ID for each approved requestor.
  • IDs may not be shared.

A Factiva Reader ID allows you to receive custom news alerts, to create a personal Newsstand page, or to receive Newsletters

  • Alerts are regular emails with the latest results from searches customized to your specific requirements. You will need to work with a librarian to define the search parameters during a one-on-one consultation.
  • The Newsstand provides the latest headlines and full-text articles of selected news sources.
  • Newsletters are custom-built collections of alerts, news sources, and search results intended for groups.  Please consult with a librarian if you are interested in receiving Newsletters.

Setting up your Account

  1. Fill in this form to request a Factiva Reader ID.
  2. Confirm your account via the emailed link from Factiva and create your password.
  3. Once you confirm your account, the Library will provide a Factiva Reader ID.
    • Please use your Factiva Reader ID to log in, not your email address.
  4. Set up your Newsstand as desired.
  5. Contact the Library to request an appointment with a librarian to create custom news alerts.
  6. Subscribe to your alert via a second emailed link.

Accessing Factiva Reader

  • Log in using
  • Please note: Use your Factiva Reader ID to log in, not your email address.
  • See the training videos embedded below and this product guide for more information.
  • Contact the Library if you need assistance setting up these features.

Please note that the Library does not provide access to full Factiva accounts which have more sophisticated search capabilities.

Terms of Use

Use of Factiva Reader is governed by the Terms of Use which does not permit distribution of content.


Dec 05, 2023     874


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