What data is available for export from the UN Digital Library?
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It is possible for registered users to export data from records in the UN Digital Library.

To export:

  • register for an account
  • login
  • search
  • scroll to the bottom of the search results page
  • click Export
  • enter desired MARC fields for export
  • review exported file

There is a limit of 200 records that can be exported by external researchers. If you would like more records exported, please experiment with the export to determine the needed fields and then contact the Library for assistance. Please include the search that you would like exported, as well as the MARC fields you are interested in.

Types of records available:

  • bibliographic records
    • largest set of records in the UN Digital Library
    • describe documents and publications
    • use MARC, a library data standard
    • UN Libraries customized MARC with "local fields" to accommodate unique features of UN documents, see the UNBIS Manuals for details.
    • depth of description depends on type of material, when it was described, and other factors
    • most comprehensive from 1980-present, earlier records available but not comprehensive and may have limited descriptive metadata
    • files are not available for download, links to fulltext documents can be exported
  • voting records
    • votes for adopted resolutions of the General Assembly and Security Council
    • votes of member states as transmitted to Library or recorded in meeting record at which the vote was held
    • include resolution symbol, title, action date, and votes
    • comprehensive, 1946-present
  • speech records
    • statements made in formal meetings of the General Assembly and its Main Committees, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council
    • comprehensive from 1983-present; some earlier records available, including General Assembly General Debate statements
    • personal name of speaker
    • country or organization represented
    • document symbol of meeting
    • agenda or topic of statement

Common requests include:

  • Voting data
    • adopted resolutions
    • not all resolutions are voted on
    • there are different types of votes -- not all include how a country voted
    • sample file is export of votes in 2019: MARC fields 791__a, 245, 992, 996, 967 (symbol, title, action date, vote summary, voting)
  • Draft resolutions
    • bibliographic records
    • show sponsors (author)
    • related document can be adopted resolution, committee report
    • sample file is export of draft resolutions of 73rd session of the General Assembly: MARC fields 191__a, 245, 710__a, 993  (symbol, title, author, related documents)

Information about export from the UN Digital Library is available in our UN Digital Library guide.

Information about our metadata practices is available in the UNBIS Manual.

Oct 19, 2020     70


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