How can I log in to the Dag Hammarskjöld Library website?
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UN-created resources are freely available to everyone. Some resources may have additional features that require login, such as saving searches or exporting metadata from the UN Digital Library.

UN libraries around the world provide information services at various duty stations. Many UN Specialized Agencies also have libraries. Each library selects subscription information resources to meet the needs of its clients, therefore UN staff and delegates in different parts of the world may have different resources available to them and different ways of accessing them.

Below, find login information for select UN-created resources (free to all) and for subscription resources available to New York-based UN staff and delegates, as well as staff of some entities in the field. Please see our FAQ about remote access for more details.

  • Library catalogue -- the search on the Library's website to find books and articles
    • Everyone can search and view results and links to electronic resources
    • Login enables you to request or renew print materials
    • Username: email & personal password
      • Account created by Library staff, usually the first time you borrow a book -- contact us if you need an account
  • Open Athens -- access to most subscriptions when not connected to the UN network
    • Login with your UN email credentials or the credentials provided by the Library for UN staff from some entities in the field
    • It is important to start research from the Library pages, as this enables the authentication using your UN credentials. If you go to a journal or database website directly, it will not know that you have access through the UN's subscription.

Some users also have logins for specific resources, including:

  • EBSCO e-books -- allows use of e-books 
    • Username: email
    • Registration is no longer required, access available through Open Athens
  • Economist online -- allows access to the
    • Username: email
    • Registration is no longer required, access available through Open Athens
    • See our Economist FAQ for more information
  • Factiva Reader -- allows you to view the full text of Factiva articles from alerts or on your custom page
    • Username: Factiva Reader ID
    • See our Factiva FAQ for more information
  • NYTimes -- allows you to read unlimited articles on
    • Username: email
    • Renewal required after 6 months
    • See our NY Times FAQ for more information

Certain UN resources also have logins:

NOTE: If you are having trouble logging in, clear your browser cache, delete cookies and try again. People who were able to log in previously have been reporting some issues that clear up when they clear their cache.

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