Where can I find information about the Security Council discussion of the India-Pakistan question?
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The India-Pakistan question has been considered by the Security Council at various times since 1948.

The Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council provides a detailed analysis of the Council's consideration of this matter under the heading, the India-Pakistan question. The Repertoire provides citation to key documentation including letters, reports, meeting records and resolutions and decisions.

The Index to Proceedings of the Security Council also provides citation to documents by subject. Documents are further organized by document type (general documents, meeting records, resolutions and decisions).

The UN Yearbook also provides a narrative account of the consideration of this topic for each year it was considered by the Council.

It is helpful to have identified the year of interest before beginning research with the Index to Proceedings and the UN Yearbook.

Additionally, all plenary documents of the Security Council are available online through the UN Digital Library. It is possible to search for resources on this topic and then further narrow results by resource type, UN body, and year. For example, search for Security Council meeting records on this topic.

It is also possible to search the UN Digital Library for documents by symbol. Use the resources mentioned above to find the symbol, then simply enter it to the search. More information about the documentation pattern of the Security Council can be found in the UN Documentation : Security Council research guide.

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