Where can I find information about the main sponsor of a General Assembly resolution?
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The Member State initiating a draft resolution is the resolution's "sponsor", or "main sponsor" if other Member States act as co-sponsors. They can do so upon invitation of the main sponsor. There are no co-sponsors when the draft resolution is submitted by the President of the General Assembly (PGA).

The formal submission of a draft resolution text to the General Assembly is called "tabling". According to the GA Handbook, "Only Member States or the PGA can table draft resolutions. When a group of Member States tables a resolution, it is usually done by the group's chair on behalf of the group."

It is usually the main sponsor who introduces the draft resolution in the meeting in which it is going to be considered.

Draft resolutions submitted directly to the Plenary

Information about who introduced a draft text is contained in the meeting record of the meeting in which the draft is discussed. To find this information search for a phrase like

"I (now) give the floor to the representative of XXX to introduce draft resolution(s) ..." or

"I (now) call on the representative of XXX to introduce draft resolution(s) ...".

The following example is taken from A/72/PV.72 (meeting record of the 72nd Plenary meeting of the 72nd session of the General Assembly):


Draft resolutions submitted for consideration by a Main Committee

After the adoption of a draft resolution by one of the Main Committees, the report of the Main Committee to the Plenary contains information about who introduced the draft. The following example is taken from A/67/409 (Report of the First Committee):

The same information is contained in the meeting record of the meeting in which the Committee considered the draft (here A/C.1/67/PV.20):


As the majority of the meeting records on the Committee level are summary records, the relevant information might be contained in a sentence like this (example from A/C.4/70/SR.24):

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