Where can I find statements made by the Czechoslovakia during the General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly?
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This lists General Debate statements delivered representatives of Czechoslovakia. There are separate records for statements by the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Representatives of Czechoslovakia have delivered statements at the following meetings during the General Debate of the General Assembly:

47th sess. [1992]: A/47/PV.12J. Moravcik

46th sess. [1991]: A/46/PV.8J. Dienstbier

45th sess. [1990]: A/45/PV.7J. Dienstbier

1990, 25 Apr.: A/S-18/PV.6: Z. Pirek

1990, 21 Feb.: A/S-17/PV.4: T. Bohm

44th sess. [1989]: A/44/PV.18J. Johanes

43rd sess. [1988]: A/43/PV.22Bohuslav Chnoupek

42nd sess. [1987]: A/42/PV.28J. Johanes

41st sess. [1986]: A/41/PV.18Bohuslav Chnoupek

40th sess. [1985]: A/40/PV.18Bohuslav Chnoupek

39th sess. [1984]: A/39/PV.20Bohuslav Chnoupek

38th sess. [1983]: A/38/PV.19Bohuslav Chnoupek

37th sess. [1982]: A/37/PV.21Bohuslav Chnoupek

36th sess. [1981]: A/36/PV.19Bohuslav Chnoupek

35th sess. [1980]: A/35/PV.18Bohuslav Chnoupek

34th sess. [1979]: A/34/PV.10Bohuslav Chnoupek

33rd sess. [1978]: A/33/PV.18Bohuslav Chnoupek

32nd sess. [1977]: A/32/PV.19Bohuslav Chnoupek

31st sess. [1976]: A/31/PV.19Bohuslav Chnoupek

30th sess. [1975]: A/PV.2371Bohuslav Chnoupek

29th sess. [1974]: A/PV.2250Bohuslav Chnoupek (A/PV.2259Ladislav Smid)

28th sess. [1973]: A/PV.2142Bohuslav Chnoupek

27th sess. [1972]: A/PV.2046Bohuslav Chnoupek (A/PV.2063Milan Klusak)

26th sess. [1971]: A/PV.1947Jan Marko

24th sess. [1969]: A/PV.1771Jan Marko

23rd sess. [1968]: A/PV.1682Vaclav Pleskot

22nd sess. [1967]: A/PV.1565Vaclav David

1967, 20 June: A/PV.1527*: Prime Minister Jozef Lenárt

21st sess. [1966]: A/PV.1416Vaclav David

20th sess. [1965]: A/PV.1337Vaclav David

19th sess. [1964-1965]: A/PV.1294Vaclav David

18th sess. [1963]: A/PV.1211Vaclav David

17th sess. [1962]: A/PV.1129Vaclav David

16th sess. [1961]: A/PV.1021Vaclav David

15th sess. [1960, 26 Sept.]: A/PV.871*: President Antonin Novotny (A/PV.880Vaclav David)

14th sess. [1959]: A/PV.804Vaclav David

13th sess. [1958]: A/PV.756Vaclav David (A/PV.773Vaclav David)

12th sess. [1957]: A/PV.686Vaclav David (A/PV.698Vaclav David)

11th sess. [1956]: A/PV.602Vaclav David

10th sess. [1955]: A/PV.529Vaclav David

9th sess. [1954]: A/PV.489Vaclav David

8th sess. [1953]: A/PV.444Vaclav David

7th sess. [1952]: A/PV.385Gertruda Sekaninova-Cakrtova

6th sess. [1951]: A/PV.347Gertruda Sekaninova-Cakrtova

5th sess. [1950]: A/PV.285Viliam Siroky

4th sess. [1949]: A/PV.228Vladimir Clementis

3rd sess. [1948]: A/PV.145Vladimir Clementis

2nd sess. [1947]: A/PV.87Jan Masaryk

1st sess. [1946]: A/PV.39 : Jan Marayk

Note: An asterisk [*] indicates a statement made by a Head of State or Government or a dignitary. Symbols in parentheses indicates right of reply. Symbols where no session information is given indicates that the statement was delivered during a High Level Meeting.

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