What does "programme budget implications" mean?
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When the General Assembly considers proposals, the Secretary-General reports whether additional resources would be required to implement the proposal-- that is, whether there are any programme budget implications to the proposal.

Statements on programme budget implications (PBIs) may be transmitted as documents or as oral statements. These are considered by the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) and the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly.

An "Overview of the Programme Budget Implications process by the plenary and Main Committees of the General Assembly" is found on the General Assembly resolutions website. It includes the following information about the regulatory framework for this procedure:

  • General Assembly Rules of procedure (A/520/Rev.18 + Amend.1), rules 153 and 154
  • General Assembly resolutions 45/248 B section VI, 69/321 (para. 25) and 70/247 (paras. 1-5)
  • General Assembly decision 34/401 (paras. 12 and 13) (see A/34/46 page 264)
  • Financial Regulations and Rules (ST/SGB/2013/4 + Amend.1), regulations 2.10 and 2.11, and rule 102.6
  • Programme planning Regulations and Rules (ST/SGB/2018/3), regulation 5.9 and rule 105.8

Citations to the documents related to financial implications or programme budget implications are included in the tables of resolutions of the General Assembly starting in the 71st session (2016-2017).

screenshot of resolutions table showing statement of financial implications citation highlighted

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