Was Africa represented during the 1945 San Francisco Conference on International Organization?
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Bitwodded Makonnen Endalkachau from Ethiopia

In 1945, these four African countries attended the San Francisco Conference on International Organization:

  1. Egypt
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Liberia
  4. South Africa

1. Egypt was represented by:


  • H. E. Abdul Hamid Pasha Badawi, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Chairman
  • H. E. Ibrahim Bey Abdul Hadi, Minister of Public Health
  • H. E. Mahmoud Pasha Hassan, Minister to the United States


  • Mamdouh Bey Riaz, Deputy, Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee
  • Anis Bey Azer, Minister Counselor, Egyptian Legation, Washington
  • Mahmoud Bey Abul Fath, Senator (Press Attaché)

2. Ethiopia was represented by: 


  • Bitwodded Makonnen Endalkachau, Prime Minister; Chairman
  • Ato Aklilou Abte-Wold, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Ato Ambai Wold-Mariam, Vice Minister of Justice
  • Blatta Ephrem Tewelde Medhen, Minister to the United States
  • Ato Emmanuel Abraham, Director General, Ministry of Education
  • Ato Menasse Lemma, Director General, Ministry of Finance


  • John Spencer, American Adviser to Ministry for Foreign Affairs ·


  • Ato Petros Sahlou, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

3. Liberia was represented by:


  • C. L. Simpson, Vice President; Chairman
  • Gabriel L. Dennis, Secretary of State; Associate Chairman
  • Lemuel Gibson, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

4. South Africa (Union of South Africa) was represented by:

  • Field Marshal Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister; Chairman
  • D. D. Forsyth, Secretary for External Affairs
  • Leif Egeland, Minister to Sweden

Members of Delegation

  • H. T. Andrews, Under Secretary of External Affairs; Head of the South .Africa  Government Supply Mission, Washington
  • R. Jones, Acting Accredited Representative for the Union of South Africa, Ottawa
  • J. R. Jordaan, Charge d'Affaires ad interim, South Africa, Legation, Washington
  • D. L. Smit, former Secretary of Native Affairs
  • L. E. Orkin, Industrial Registrar, Department of Labour


  • T. Hewitson, Vice Consul in New York

Press Relations Officer

  • H. M. Moolman, Director of the Union of South Africa Government Information Office, New York ,


  • Private Secretaries to Field Marshal Smuts
  • H. W. A. Cooper
  • B.J. Fourie

Aide de Camp to Field Marshal Smuts

  • Major J. C. Smuts
  • Lieutenant Colonel Pieter W. A. Nel

Member of Personnel Staff of Field Marshal Smuts

  • Lieutenant Colonel Pieter W. A. Nel

Documents of the United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) - San Francisco Conference Documents, 1945, document no. 639 G/3 (2) pgs. 5-94 (attached) lists delegates and officials from these four countries: Egypt, pg. 32, Ethiopia, pg. 34, Liberia, pg. 44 and Union of South Africa, pg.60. A complete set of these documents is available in print version in the Dag Hammarskjöld Library under call number UNX.341.13 U51 and in full text through the United Nations Digital Library.

More information on the delegations to the conference is available from the 1946-1947 UN Yearbook and the UN website.


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