Was Africa represented during the 1945 San Francisco Conference on International Organization?
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Bitwodded Makonnen Endalkachau from Ethiopia

In 1945, the Four African countries attended the San Francisco Conference on International Organization:

  1. Egypt
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Liberia
  4. South Africa

1. Egypt was represented by :


  • H. E. Abdul Hamid Pasha Badawi, Minister of Foreign  Atfairs; Chairman
  • H. E. Ibrahim Bey Abdul Hadi, Minister of Public Health
  • H. E. Mahmoud Pasha Hassan, Minister to the United  States


  • Mamdouh Bey Riaz, Deputy, Chairmao, Foreign Relations Committee
  • Anis Bey Azer, Minister Counselor, Egyptian Legation, Washington
  • Mahmoud Bey Abu! Fath, Senator (Press Attaché)

2. Ethiopia was represented by: 


  • Bitwodded Makonnen Endalkachau, Prime Minister; Chairman
  • Ato Aklilou Abte-Wold, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Ato Ambai Wold-Mariam, Vice Minister of Justice
  • Blatta Ephrem Tewelde Medhen, Minister to the United States
  • Ato Emmanuel Abraham, Director General, Ministry of Education
  • Ato Menasse Lemma, Director General, Ministry of Finance


  • John Spencer, American Adviser to Ministry for Foreign Affairs ·


  • Ato Petros Sahlou, Ministry for Foreign Affairs


3. Liberia  was  represented by:


  • C. L. Simpson, Vice President; Chairman
  • Gabriel L. Dennis, Secretary of State; Associate Chairman
  • Lemuel Gibson, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

4. South Africa (Union of South Africa) was represented by:

  • Field Marshal Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister; Chairman
  • D. D. Forsyth, Secretary for External Affairs
  • Leif Egeland, Minister to Sweden

Members of Delegation

  • H. T. Andrews, Under Secretary of External Affairs; Head of the South .Africa  Government Supply Mission, Washington
  • R. Jones, Acting Accredited Representative for the Union of South .Africa, Ottawa
  • J. R. Jordaan, Charge d'Affaires ad interim, South Africa, Legation, Washington
  • D. L. Smit, former Secretary of Native Affairs
  • L. E. Orkin, Industrial Registrar, Department of Labour


  • T. Hewitson, Vice Consul in New York

Press Relations Officer

  • H. M. Moolman, Director of the Unio.n of South Africa Government Information Office, New York ,


  • Private Secretaries to Field Marshal Smuts
  • H. W. A. Cooper
  • B.J. Fourie

Aide de Camp to Field Marshal Smuts

  • Major J. C. Smuts
  • Lieutenant Colonel Pieter W. A. Nel

Member of Personnel Staff of Field Marshal Smuts

  • Lieutenant Colonel Pieter W. A. Nel

Documents of the United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) - San Francisco Conference Documents, 1945, document no. 639 G/3 (2) pgs 5-94 (attached) lists delegates and officials from these four countries-- (Egypt –pg 32, Ethiopia, pg. 34, Liberia, pg. 44 and Union of South Africa pg.60). A complete set of these documents is available in print version in the Dag Hammarskjöld Library under call number:  UNX.341.13 U51 and full text through the United Nations Digital Library.

More information on the delegations to the conference is available from the 1946-1947 UN Yearbook and the UN website history page -- "About the United Nations-- San-Francisco Conference".


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