What does it mean when a document is "reissued for technical reasons"?
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A document may be "reissued for technical reasons" for a variety of reasons related to the document creation process. The content of the document does not change if it is reissued for technical reasons.

When it is reissued, an asterisk is placed by the document symbol in the document's masthead (e.g. A/69/313).

Screenshot of A/69/313 masthead showing asterisk after symbol


A corresponding footnote indicates the date of the reissue.

Screenshot of footnote "* Reissued for technical reasons on 5 September 2014."


Because the Official Document System (ODS) can only hold one version of a document, if a document is found to have a technical error upon upload, it may be replaced.

In general, any changes to the text of the document would be issued as a new document, such as a:

More information on Corrigenda and reissues is available in the UN Editorial Manual.

May 09, 2018     1158


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