Where can I find the documents related to the proposed programme budget for 2020?
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The Proposed programme budget for 2020 will be considered by the General Assembly during its 74th session, beginning in September 2019.

Documents related to the proposed programme budget for 2020:

  • Started coming out in spring 2019
  • Additional documents will be issued until the budget is adopted (expected December 2019)
  • Meeting records and resolutions related to the proposed programme budget may not be available until 2020

Before the 74th session opens in September, some bodies will meet and consider the proposed programme budget and report their recommendations to the General Assembly.

For example, the Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC) meets in June.

  • Agenda includes consideration of the proposed programme budget for 2020
  • CPC report will include recommendations related to the proposed programme budget (A/74/16)

When the 74th session opens in September, the Fifth Committee website will be an important source for information about the proposed programme budget.

  • Current session website launched in September and includes the Fifth Committee's programme of work for the session 
  • Programme of work page is the best source for following the developments related to the proposed programme budget, including documentation links
  • Press releases offer summaries of Fifth Committee meetings before official records are issued

The website of the Advisory Committee for Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) also has information about its consideration of the proposed programme budget.

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