What have been the themes of the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly?
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A theme for the general debate is suggested for each session of the General Assembly, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 58/126 of 19 December 2003.

The themes listed below can be found in the document A/Session/250 issued each year, "Organization of the regular session of the General Assembly, adoption of the agenda and allocation of items: 1st report of the General Committee".

The themes can also be found in the "Information note for delegations" issued prior to each session, or in letters posted on the President of the General Assembly website announcing the theme to Member States, but these notes and letters are often only issued in English.


Session Dates Theme
77 2022 A watershed moment: transformative solutions to interlocking challenges
76 2021 Building resilience through hope — to recover from COVID-19, rebuild sustainably, respond to the needs of the planet, respect the rights of people and revitalize the United Nations
75 2020 The future we want, the United Nations we need: reaffirming our collective commitment to multilateralism — confronting COVID-19 through effective multilateral action
74 2019

Galvanizing multilateral efforts for poverty eradication, quality education, climate action and inclusion

73 2018 Making the United Nations relevant to all people: global leadership and shared responsibilities for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies
72 2017 Focusing on people — striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet
71 2016 The Sustainable Development Goals: a universal push to transform our world
70 2015 The United Nations at 70 — a new commitment to action
69 2014 Delivering on and implementing a transformative post-2015 
development agenda
68 2013 The post-2015 development agenda: setting the stage
67 2012 Bringing about adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations by peaceful means
66 2011 The role of mediation in the settlement of disputes by peaceful 
65 2010 Reaffirming the central role of the United Nations in global governance
64 2009 Effective responses to global crises: strengthening multilateralism and dialogue among civilizations for international peace, security and development
63 2008 The impact of the global food crisis on poverty and hunger in the world as well as the need to democratize the United Nations (link to letter below)
62 2007 Responding to climate change
61 2006 Implementing a global partnership for development
60 2005 For a stronger and more effective United Nations: the follow-up and implementation of the High-level Plenary Meeting in September 2005

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