How are the Indexes to Proceedings organized?
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The Index to Proceedings is an annual bibliographic guide to the proceedings and documentation of the major organs of the United Nations. The indexes are prepared by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library and are currently produced at the end of the session/year for the following organs:

The Indexes are divided into two parts:

  1. a comprehensive subject index to all the documents (reports, letters, meeting records, resolutions, etc.) issued by the body in question during a particular session/year; and
  2. an index to speeches delivered before the body in question during a particular session/year. The index is divided into three parts:
  • country/organization 
  • speakers
  • subjects 

Over time, the Indexes have become highly refined research tools. The full collection of the Indexes to Proceedings is available in PDF format from the Library website. Direct document linking to the Official Document System (ODS) is available from 2011. 

Each subject entry is related to an agenda item or, in the case of the Security Council, a matter considered by it. The entries are organized by body and type of document. For example: Documents submitted to the plenary will be listed prior to committee documents. Reports will be listed prior to letters, meeting records and draft resolutions. Resolutions however are listed at the end of an entry – for ease of use.  Each entry then gives you a complete set of documents that relates to the agenda item or Security Council matter from that session.

The Indexes to Proceedings have many additional features, among them:

  • Voting charts
  • Tables indicating meeting dates
  • Lists of resolutions adopted during the particular session/year
  • Sessional information
  • Lists of documents

Researchers conducting in depth studies of the work of the UN or looking for a single document or speech will be able to use the Indexes to Proceedings to get the UN document symbols required to find the desired information in the Official Document System (ODS) or United Nations Digital Library, the online catalogue of UN documents.

The ITP is currently available in English only.

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