What is the "Organization of the Secretariat"?
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The "Organization of the Secretariat of the United Nations" is a set of documents that describes the structure of the UN. 

Currently these documents are issued as Secretary-General's Bulletins with the title  "Organization of..."

For example:

  • Organization of the Secretariat of the United Nations
  • Organization of the Department of Safety and Security
  • Organization of the Office of Information and Communications Technology

Information includes:

  • Functions of the Department or Office
  • Offices, Divisions, Services, and other sub-units
  • Title, level, responsibilities and reporting lines of the high-level staff
  • Final provisions abolish the previous document(s) on the same topic

These documents are helpful for research on the history and development of the Secretariat, its departments, offices and divisions. It is easiest to work back in time, as the latest document will cite the abolished predecessor.

We advise researchers to confirm the currency of these documents before citing them. 

In the past, the title varied and was often referred to as the "Organizational Manual".

The symbol assigned to the Organization of the Secretariat Manuals has changed over the years. We have the following information in our files:

  • 1945: UNPC/EX 113/Rev.1
  • 1951: ST/AFS/2
  • 1959: ST/SGB/122 (ST/ADM/1)
  • 1960: ST/SGB/123
  • 1961: ST/SGB/124
  • 1964: ST/SGB/128
  • 1966: ST/SGB/131
  • 1974: ST/SGB/Organization


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