Where can I find treaties or conventions?
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The UN Treaty Collection website includes the texts of bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements registered with the United Nations as well as the status of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General.

  • The United Nations Treaty Series, containing the bilateral and multilateral treaties registered with the United Nations, can be found under the Registration and Publication section of the website.
    • search for the full-text of treaties (select: Treaty) published in the UN Treaty Series (from Volume 1 to the most recent), certified true copies (select: CTC), and depositary notification (select: CN). 
  • The Status of Treaties, also known as the Multilateral Treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, can be found under the Depositary section of the website.
    • find the text of multilateral treaties for which the Secretary-General is the depositary as well as additional information about the treaties, such as the date the treaty entered into force, the parties of the treaties, and declarations submitted by parties.

The Treaty Section has provided a helpful user guide available for download from the home page of the UN Treaty Collection website. We suggest you consult that user guide for help with using the website. If you are monitoring a particular treaty or country, the treaty website also allows you to subscribe to receive email notifications through the Automated Subscription Service.

Treaty research is complex. Here are some additional sites to get started with treaty research:

  • Dag Hammarskjöld Library research guide on UN documents related International Law, includes introductions to:
    • UN Treaty Collection: UN Treaty Series and Status of Multilateral Treaties 
    • Audiovisual Library of International Law
    • UN treaty monitoring bodies
  • Peace Palace Library research guide on Treaties, includes an excellent bibliography.
  • WorldLII's International Treaties Collection
  • World Treaty Index: the online version of the well-known treaty index
  • A list of treaty resources can be found from the Audiovisual Library of International Law's Research Library section

Print sources, such as treaty indexes, also remain useful tools for treaty research, especially for treaties signed before the founding of the UN. The Dag Hammarskjöld Library holds a number of treaty resources in its print collection.


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