What can be found in the Annexes to the General Assembly Official Records?
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The General Assembly Official Records (GAOR) consist of:

  • meeting records of the Plenary and Main Committees
  • supplements, including
    • reports of the other principal organs
    • reports of subsidiary bodies
    • resolutions and decisions of the General Assembly
  • annexes
    • selected documents organized by agenda item
    • last issued for the 45th session (1990-1991)

Prior to documents being available online, the annexes provided a way to broadly distribute selected documents that were considered by the General Assembly during its deliberations on an agenda item, such as Secretary-General reports, letters from Member States, draft proposals, reports of the Main Committees, etc. Secondary sources sometimes cite UN documents by reference to the page in the Annexes of the Official Records, rather than by symbol.

Most, but not all, of the Annexes for the GAOR have been digitized. As these were not assigned symbols when they were created, the Library creates symbols in order to add them to the ODS and other UN document systems. In general, the symbol pattern is: 

The session is in Arabic numbers; the volume is in Roman numerals.


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