What does the abbreviation PV stand for in UN document symbols? For example: S/PV.6826
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Verbatim records (also called “procès verbal”) are the word for word records of what is said during a formal Plenary or First Committee meeting. Verbatim records are prepared by the Meeting and Publishing Division in DGACM and are available on the Official Document System (ODS) several months after the meeting. 

According to The General Assembly Rules of procedure Rule 58; (a) Verbatim records of the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Disarmament and International Security (First Committee) shall be drawn up by the Secretariat and submitted to those organs after approval by the presiding officer. The General Assembly shall decide upon the form of the records of the meetings of the other Main Committees and, if any, of the subsidiary organs and of special meetings and conferences. No organ of the General Assembly shall have both verbatim and summary records.

·         (b) Sound recordings of the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Main Committees shall be made by the Secretariat. Such recordings shall also be made of the proceedings of subsidiary organs and special meetings and conferences when they so decide.

More information about the structure and elements of UN document symbols can be found in the UN Documentation research guide.  

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