Where can I find a resolution of a subsidiary body?
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Subsidiary bodies, such as committees and commissions, may adopt resolutions. They may also recommend draft resolutions for adoption by their parent organ.

The text of a resolution adopted by the subsidiary is usually found in its report on the session at which the resolution was adopted. Draft resolutions are also found in the sessional reports.

For example, Commission on Human Rights resolution 1984/58 "Development of public information activities in the field of human rights" is found on page 95 of the Commission on Human Rights: report on the 40th session, 6 February-16 March 1984, E/1984/14 - E/CN.4/1984/77.


An example of a draft resolution proposed by the Commission on Population and Development for adoption by the Economic and Social Council can be found on page 2 of the Commission on Population and Development: report on the 29th session, 26 February-1 March 1996, E/1996/25 - E/CN.9/1996/9.

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