How are items included in the Agenda of the General Assembly?
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The General Assembly agenda is set by the General Assembly in accordance with its Rules of Procedure. The President of the General Assembly is a member of the General Committee, which sets the agenda for the Assembly.

Items on the General Assembly's agenda are considered by the Assembly during its sessions. The Assembly determines how each item will be addressed. It may decide whether or not to discuss the item, defer discussion, consider draft proposals, and vote on proposals. The Assembly also decides if the item is going to be allocated to the plenary or one of the Main Committees.

  • Information about the agenda documents is available in the UN Documentation Research Guide,
  • The GA Handbook has a section on the agenda and related procedures,
  • Key reference books highlighted in the research guide might offer more in-depth information,
  • The Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly offers a handy reference to all the documents, including draft proposals, adopted resolutions and meeting records, organized by agenda item. It is possible to search the United Nations Digital Library, the online catalogue of UN documents and publications, for voting and speeches, as well as all documents.

May 28, 2019     4054


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