Where can I find Group of 77 documents?
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The Group of 77 website gives access to the major declarations, programmes of action, etc.

Documents submitted by the Group of 77 to the United Nations can be found through the United Nations Digital Library

These include :

  • letters transmitting final documents, statements, etc. of the group of 77
  • draft resolutions sponsored by the Group of 77

Once you have performed your initial search, on the left side of the results, you can filter by Resource type using the facets "Letters and Notes Verbales", "Draft Resolutions and Decisions".

The Library has the collected documents of the Group of 77 available for consultation. These include most of the documents issued by the G77 since its genesis in 1963. This collection is a key source to research the legacy of the Group and its actions in the United Nations in particular in the work of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Sep 04, 2019     632


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