Where are General Assembly decisions published?
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Unlike resolutions, General Assembly decisions are not published individually and have no document symbol assigned to them.

General Assembly decisions are published in the sessional cumulation of resolutions and decisions.

The decision number indicates the session during which the decision was adopted:

  • decision 50/411 was adopted during the 50th session of the General Assembly.

If you do not have the decision number, search by keyword in the United Nations Digital Library. You can limit your research by the Resource type: Resolutions and Decisions and UN Body: General Assembly. The record indicates the symbol and page of the document containing the text of the decision. 

Search the UN Digital Library for the symbol of the document that contains the decision of interest.

The compilation of resolutions and decisions for each regular session is published in several volumes. Use the check list at the end of each volume to locate the decision within the compilation. For instance, decision 50/411 can be found in A/50/49, volume 1, page 335.

Jan 06, 2020     1126


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