Which Security Council meetings have taken place away from United Nations Headquarters?
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According to article 28(3) of the UN Charter, "[t]he Security Council may hold meetings at such places other than the seat of the Organization as in its judgment will best facilitate its work".

The following meetings have been held away from Headquarters since the move to New York in 1952:

Meeting Records Date Place (Convened by) Topic Outcome / Vote
S/PV.1627-1639 28 Jan - 4 Feb. 1972 Addis Ababa (S/RES/308 (1972)) Questions relating to Africa S/RES/309 + 310 (1972) (Namibia)
S/RES/311 (1972) (Apartheid)
S/RES/312 (1972) (Territories under Portuguese administration)
S/PV.1695-1704 15 -21 Mar. 1973 Panama City (S/RES/325 (1973)) Peace and Security in Latin America S/RES/330 (1973) 12-0-3
S/PV.2923 25 May 1990 Geneva (S/21309) The situation in the Occupied Arab Territories Draft resolution S/21326 vetoed by the USA 11-1-3
S/PV.5080-5084 18-19 Nov. 2004 Nairobi (S/RES/1569 (2004)) Sudan
African Union
S/RES/1574 (2004)


Prior to the establishment of the permanent Headquarters in New York, the Security Council met at the following times and places:

  • 1946: London (17 Jan.-16 Feb.); Manhattan [Henry Hudson Hotel, 353 W. 57th St.; 610 5th Ave. at 49th St.], Bronx [Hunter College], Flushing Meadow and Lake Success (from 15 Mar.)
  • 1947: Flushing Meadow and Lake Success
  • 1948: Lake Success (until 30 Aug.); Paris (from 16 Sept.)
  • 1949: Flushing Meadow and Lake Success
  • 1950: Flushing Meadow and Lake Success
  • 1951: Flushing Meadow and Lake Success (until 19 Oct.); Paris (from 10 Nov.)
  • 1952: Paris (until 6 Feb.)

For more information about meetings of the Security Council held away from Headquarters we refer you to chapter 2 (Place and Format of Council Proceedings) of the book The Procedure of the Security Council by Daws and Sievers:

  • Sievers, L. & Daws, S. (2014). The Procedure of the UN Security Council (4th ed.). Oxford University Press.


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