What are the dimensions of the UN Flags and the Member States Flags located in the United Nations Headquarters?
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Flag sizes for the United Nations Headquarters in New York


  • UN Flag in front of the Secretariat Circle: 6 x 9 feet (183 x 274 cm)
  • UN Flag in the North Garden: 12 x 18 feet (366 x 549 cm)
  • Member States outdoor flags: 4 x 6 feet (123 x 183 cm)

Proportions for the United Nations Flag

Hoist (width) : Fly (length) 2:3 or 3:5 or the same proportions as the national flag of any country in which the UN flag is flown; the emblem is one half of the hoist and is entirely centered.

Mar 30, 2022     6120


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