What is a United Nations document?
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The Regulations for the Control and Limitation of Documentation (ST/AI/189/Add.3/Rev.2) define documents:

A document is a text submitted to a principal organ or a subsidiary organ of the United Nations for consideration by it, usually in connection with item(s) on its agenda.

On the attribution of United Nations documents, section 2.1 of Administrative Instruction ST/AI/189/Add.6/Rev.5 on Regulations for the control and limitation of documentation: Attribution of authorship in United Nations documents, publications and other official papers states that:

United Nations documents are issued for or under the authority of intergovernmental bodies under a United Nations document symbol and include all official records and meeting records of organs or conferences of the United Nations. Attribution in United Nations documents is regulated according to established rules and practices under the authority of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management.

Information on the entity responsible for submitting the document can according to section 2.2 of ST/AI/189/Add.6/Rev.5 be found in the subtitle or main title of the document: 

United Nations documents normally bear, in addition to a title corresponding to the subject or agenda item, a subtitle indicating the entity or official responsible for submitting the document. In documents prepared for a body that does not have a sessional agenda, the main title may contain that information. 

Detailed rules and models for several types of UN documents can be found in the online version of the United Nations Editorial Manual (link below).

May 09, 2018     1378


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