Where can I find voting information about General Assembly resolutions?
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The vote is recorded in the meeting record of the meeting at which the vote was held. Most General Assembly resolutions are adopted by consensus; there is no vote.

The meeting number and date can be found at the end of the text of the adopted resolution.

General Assembly voting information can be retrieved through the United Nations Digital Library.

  • Search by resolution symbol, date and/or keyword. It is not possible to search by country. To find how a country voted, limit the search to General Assembly Resolution Adopted With Vote. Click on the title of the resolution to see the full vote information.

For each session, a voting chart is available in the Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly (accessible through the Library website).

In addition, a summary of the vote can be found in the tables of resolutions available from the General Assembly website. 

Additional detailed information can be found in the Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs, Article 18. The various commentaries on the Charter also include analysis of the voting patterns. 

Since the 59th session (2004), the 3-volume book of resolutions and decisions that is issued for each session includes voting information. 


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