What are General Comments of the Human Rights Treaty Bodies?
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A general comment is a treaty body’s interpretation of human rights treaty provisions, thematic issues or its methods of work. General comments often seek to clarify the reporting duties of State parties with respect to certain provisions and sug­gest approaches to implementing treaty provisions.

It is also called "general recommendation" (Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women).

  • Links to the general comments of each treaty body

  • For the nature and purpose of the general comments, see Official Records of the General Assembly, Thirty sixth Session, Supplement No. 40 (A/36/40), annex VII, introduction.

  • For a description of the history of the method of work, the elaboration of general comments and their use, ibid., Thirty ninth Session, Supplement No. 40 (A/39/40), paragraphs 541-557.

  • The general comments of all human rights treaty bodies are compiled in the documents HRI/GEN/1/REV.9(VOL.I) and HRI/GEN/1/REV.9(VOL.II) (2008).

Links to general comments or general recommendations can also be found on the web pages of the treaty body which are linked below.

Sep 15, 2021     12407


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