Where can I find information on art work displayed in the United Nations New York Headquarters?
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Most of the art works displayed in the United Nations Headquarters in New York have been presented as gifts or donations to the organization. Information about the donations can be difficult to find.

The Library has the following books on this topic:

  1. Art treasures of the United Nations by Jacob Baal-Teshuva. New York : Thomas Yoseloff, 1964 : Call Number: UNX.700 B111
  2. A world of art : the United Nations collection by Edward B. Marks; foreword by Boutros Boutros-Ghali ; preface by Brian Urquhart ; introduction by Diana D. Brooks. Rome : Il Cigno Galileo Galilei for and on behalf of the United Nations, Dec. 1995. Call Number: UNX.700 M346, UNST/SG(02)/W6
  3. The U.N. building : foreword by Kofi A. Annan; essay by Aaron Betsky; photographs by Ben Murphy. New York : Thames & Hudson, 2005: Call Number: Ref 341.1 U542 & UNX.232 U542.

In addition, the Library has a few internal resources to assist with this research, including the DPI Press Feature No. 214 of July 1971, titled “Gifts presented to the United Nations at headquarters”.

General Assembly resolution 63/270 of 7 April 2009 requested the Secretary-General to create a gift registry. This is not publicly available at this time.

The Yearbook of the United Nations and press releases are good starting points for research on this topic.

A website on United Nations Gifts is under development. Once developed, the website to access an online catalogue of artworks, historic objects, and architectural components, officially donated to the United Nations by Member States, Foundations, and individual donors since 1950.

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Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016     Views: 409


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