How can I find information submitted by groups of states, or regional or other international organizations to the United Nations?
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Groups of states, regional organizations or other international organizations may transmit information to the United Nations. While there may be some variation in practice, in general the following tips may help researchers find relevant UN documents. 

  • Letters are sent from a UN Member State to a UN organ
    • The presidency or chairmanship of regional organizations often rotates among their member states
    • A state may host a conference or meeting on a specific topic
    • The state that holds the high office or hosts the meeting usually transmits information to the UN through a letter
    • example: A/68/985

Image of A/68/985 with highlighted text , "in my capacity as representative of the current Chair of the African Union, to transmit "


To search for this type of document, use the Library's catalogue, UNBISnet.

Recommended ways to search:

  • Author = [Name of organization]
    • example: Author = African Union
  • Title and Notes = [Name of document transmitted]
    • example: Title and Notes = Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration

** For more information about Regional Groups see: and ASK.DAG question:

Screenshot of UNBISnet search for Author = African Union


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