Where can I find the programme of work for the General Assembly and its main committees?
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The programmes of work of the General Assembly and its main committees are considered under the agenda item "Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly" (link to search results from Library catalogue below).

For the General Assembly plenary, the Secretary-General issues a report with the draft programme of work. The status of documentation is issued in an addendum to the report.

For the committees, each committee reports to the General Assembly with a draft programme of work.

The plenary considers the reports and adopts decisions on each report. The decision cites the report.

For example, General Assembly decision 69/520 of 2 December 2014 (see A/69/49 (Vol. II), p. 22), approved the proposed programme of work and timetable of the First Committee for 2015, found in the report of the First Committee (A/69/946).

image of decision 69/520 and footnotes


For the 73rd session (2018-2019) the following are the approved programmes:

  • General Assembly: A/72/886 
  • First Committee: A/72/478 (decision 72/516)
  • Second Committee: A/72/479 (decision 72/544)
  • Third Committee: A/72/480 (decision 72/536)
  • Fourth Committee: A/72/481 (decision 72/521)
  • Fifth Committee: (not issued)
  • Sixth Committee: A/72/482 (decision 72/528)

For the 72nd session (2017-2018) the following are the approved programmes:

  • General Assembly: A/71/966 + Add.1
  • First Committee: A/71/458 (decision 71/518)
  • Second Committee: A/71/471 (decision 71/543)
  • Third Committee: A/71/487 (decision 71/538)
  • Fourth Committee: A/71/503 (decision 71/522)
  • Fifth Committee: (not issued)
  • Sixth Committee: A/71/519 (decision 71/528)

During the session, a programme of work for plenary meetings may be issued in the A/INF/- series, for example, A/INF/72/3.

Each committee may issue documents related to the organization of their work and/or the status of documentation:

Additional information is found on the websites of the General Assembly and each committee.

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