What is UNBISnet Bibliographic Records?
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UNBISnet, the United Nations Bibliographic Information System, is the online catalogue of the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library. There are three databases: Bibliographic Records, Voting Records, and Index to Speeches.

The Bibliographic Records database includes information about the documents, books and publications held by the Library. If UN materials are available online, there will be links to any language versions available digitally.

The catalogue was started in 1979. Many, but not all, older materials have been included. 

Each UN document and publication is treated as a unique item in our collection, so each document whether 1 page or 500 pages is indexed in the catalogue.  The search options have been customized to accommodate the particular features of UN documents.  For example, it is possible to search by UN document symbol or to limit a search by type of material, with all the B codes relating to UN materials.  

To change the search field, click on the down arrow.


To limit by Type of Material, select one of the codes in the box:

Image of Type of Material box with B01 resolution (UN) highlighted


It is possible to create searches that will not return results.

In general, it is best to start with a simple search and then refine the search to add more information if the original query returns too many hits.

Over 8000 search results for "rights of the child"


When refined by Type of material "(B01) resolutions/decisions (UN)", fewer results are obtained:

Screen shot after the search above was refined.




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