What is UN-I-QUE?
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UN-I-QUE provides citation to the symbols for documents throughout the history of the organization: each record within UN-I-QUE is comprehensive historically. 

UN-I-QUE does not provide citation to all documents, but to certain documents of a recurrent nature.

As of 2014 UN-I-QUE is no longer updated.

As of January 2017, we have begun adding series titles to bibliographic records in UNBISnet, the Library's catalogue. As digitization of the Official Records of the General Assembly (GAOR) and the Economic and Social Council (ESCOR) proceeds, the series titles will effectively reproduce the lists of symbols in UN-I-QUE for the annual or sessional reports of the subsidiary bodies, with links to the full text when available. The series title will be added to the UN-I-QUE record for cross reference. For example, here is a search for the reports of the Commission on the Status of Women (UN-I-QUE record).

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