What is the Yearbook of the United Nations?
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The Yearbook of the United Nations is a reference book that provides a detailed overview of the activities of the organization for a given year. Over the years, the Yearbook has grown and now usually has over 1500 pages of information each year. It is a great place to start research, especially on historic questions.

Each year has the same basic structure:

  • Introduction
  • Part One: Political and security questions
  • Part Two: Human Rights
  • Part Three: Economic and social questions
  • Part Four: Legal questions
  • Part Five: Institutional, administrative and budgetary questions
  • Appendices
  • Index

The Yearbook of the UN:

  • includes the full text of resolutions adopted by the principal organs
  • provides a narrative overview of UN actions by topic
    • covers activities by all bodies that considered a topic in chronological order
  • provides citation to UN documents relevant to the topic
  • has a subject index and useful appendices
  • is available on-line and in print at UN libraries, depository libraries, and many other libraries worldwide.


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