When was UN-Habitat established? What types of documents are available?
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The Commission on Human Settlements was established by A/RES/32/162 of 19 December 1977. In accordance with A/RES/56/206 of 21 December. 2001, the Commission was transformed into the "United Nations Human Settlements Programme, to be known as UN-Habitat".

The Rules of Procedure of the Governing Council were adopted in resolution 19/1, in A/58/8, p. 12-30, adopted by A/RES/58/227 of 23 December 2003.

Documents of the Governing Council are published under series symbol HSP/GC/-. Prior to the 19th session (2002) the documents of the Council were issued under series symbol HS/C/-. 

The Governing Council of UN-Habitat may adopt resolutions. They may also draft, recommend and forward draft resolutions for the General Assembly's consideration. Both types of resolutions can be found in the report of the Governing Council from its sessions.

Reports on various substantive topics on the Governing Council's agenda are prepared for the consideration of the Governing Council and can be found on the website for the Governing Council's sessions.

Publications are prepared for the public and are available on the publications part of the website.


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