What is the history of the United Nations Daily Journal?
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According to the Journal website, the first Journal of the United Nations was published on 10 January 1946 for the first session of the General Assembly held in London, United Kingdom.

From 1946-1950 each main body had its own journal. These are filed under:

  • General Assembly (1946-1950): UNA (05) J6
  • Security Council (1946 only on shelves): UNS(05) J6
  • Economic and Social Council (1946-1995): UNE(05) J6

Additional information is found in the note field of the Library's catalogue record for the Journal. 

Other duty stations than New York may also publish journals. Information about this can be found in the UN Documentation Research Guides. 

Attached for reference is operational instruction No. 129 from the Director of Documents Control dated 2 March 1953, entitled "Journal Policy".

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