What actions may be taken by the Security Council?
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The major types of action that may be taken by the Security Council as listed and defined in the Security Council Working Methods Handbook are:

  •  Resolution
    • S/RES/[number] ([year])
  • Statement by the President
    • S/PRST/[year]/[number]
    • "A statement made by the President of the Security Council on behalf of the Council, adopted at a formal meeting of the Council and issued as an official document of the Council."
  • Note by the President
    • S/[year]/[number]
    • "A document published in the name of the Council President on behalf of all 15 members of the Council which most often sets out decisions by the Council concerning its working methods and procedures."
  • Letter from the President
    • S/[year]/[number]
  • Press statement
    • SC/[number]
    • "A statement to the media made by the President of the Security Council on behalf of all 15 members and which is issued as a UN press release in English and French."

According to the website, this list is not "officially prescribed nor intended to cover all actions by the Security Council".

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