Where can I find the opening and closing remarks of all the past Presidents of the General Assembly?
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A list and biographies of Presidents of the General Assembly (1946 onwards) are posted on the website of the President of the General Assembly.

Upcoming session - 72nd session (2017-2018), Miroslav Lajčák (Slovakia)

Current session - 71st Session (2016-2017) Peter Thomson (Fiji) 

  • Press Release: GA/11791 
  • Election: A/70/PV.103
  • Oath of office and first remarks as President-elect: A/70/PV.118
  • 71st Session Opening Remarks: No remarks given

70th Session (2015-2016) : Mogens Lykketoft (Denmark)

69th session (2014-2015) : Sam Kutesa (Uganda)

68th session (2013-2014) :  John W. Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda)

67th sess. (2012-2013) : Vuk Jeremic (Serbia)

66th sess. (2011-2012): Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser (Qatar)

65th sess. (2010-2011): Joseph Deiss (Switzerland)

64th sess. (2009-2010): Ali Abdussalam Treki (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)

63rd sess. (2008-2009): Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann (Nicaragua)

62nd sess. (2007-2008): Srgjan Kerim (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

61st sess. (2006-2007): Haya Rashed Al Khalifa (Bahrain)

60th sess. (2005-2006): Jan Eliasson (Sweden)

59th sess. (2004-2005): Jean Ping (Gabon)

58th sess. (2003-2004): Julian Hunte (Saint Lucia)

57th sess. (2002-2003): Jan Kavan (Czech Republic)

56th sess. (2001-2002): Han Seung-Soo (Republic of Korea)

55th sess. (2000-2001): Harri Holkeri (Finland)

54th sess. (1999-2000): Theo-Ben Gurirab (Namibia)

53rd sess. (1998-1999): Didier Opertti Badan (Uruguay)

52nd sess. (1997-1998): Hennadiy Udovenko (Ukraine)

51st sess. (1996-1997): Ismail Razali (Malaysia)

50th sess. (1995-1996): Diogo Freitas do Amaral (Portugal)

49th sess. (1994-1995): Amara Essy (Core d'Ivoire)

48th sess. (1993-1994): Samuel R. Insanally (Guyana)

47th sess. (1992-1993): Stoyan Ganev (Bulgaria)

46th sess. (1991-1992): Samir S. Shihabi (Saudi Arabia)

45th sess. (1990-1991): Guido de Marco (Malta)

44th sess. (1989-1990): Joseph N. Garba (Nigeria)

43rd sess. (1988-1989): Dante Maria Caputo (Argentina)

42nd sess. (1987-1988): Peter Florin (German Democratic Republic)

41st sess. (1986-1987): Humayun Rasheed Choudhury (Bangladesh)

40th sess. (1985-1986): Jaime de Pinies (Spain)

  • Press release BIO/2132-GA/7117 [1985]
  • Election: A/40/PV.1
  • 40th Session Opening Remarks: No remarks given
  • Closing: A/40/PV.134

39th sess. (1984-1985): Paul J. F. Lusaka (Zambia)

38th sess. (1983-1984): Jorge E. Illueca (Panama)

  • Press release BIO/1994-GA/6805 [1983]
  • Election: A/38/PV.1
  • 38th Session Opening Remarks: No remarks given
  • Closing: A/38/PV.106

37th sess. (1982-1983): Imre Hollai (Hungary)

  • Press release BIO/1923-GA/6646 [1982]
  • Election: A/37/PV.1
  • Closing: No remarks given
  • 38th Session Opening Remarks: A/38/PV.1

36th sess. (1981-1982): Ismat T. Kittani (Iraq)

  • Press release BIO/1834-GA/6419 [1981]
  • Election: A/36/PV.1
  • Closing: A/36/PV.111
  • Memorial statements: Press release SG/SM/8004 [2001], DSG/SM/144 [2001],

35th sess. (1980-1981): Rudiger von Wechmar (Germany)

34th sess. (1979-1980): Salim A. Salim (United Republic of Tanzania)

33rd sess. (1978-1979): Indalecio Lievano (Colombia)

32nd sess. (1977): M. Lazar Mojsov (Yugoslavia)

31st sess. (1976-1977): Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka)

30th sess. (1975): Gaston Thorn (Luxembourg)

29th sess. (1974-1975): Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Algeria)

28th sess. (1973-1974): Leopoldo Benites (Ecuador)

27th sess. (1972): Stanislaw Trepczynski (Poland)

26th sess. (1971): Adam Malik (Indonesia)

25th sess. (1970): M. Edvard Hambro (Norway)

24th sess. (1969): Angie Brooks (Liberia)

23rd sess. (1968): Emilio Arenales (Guatemala)

  • Press release BIO/613-GA/3746
  • Election: A/PV.1674
  • Closing: A/PV.1752
  • 24th Session Opening Remarks: No remarks given

22nd sess. (1967-1968): Corneliu Manescu (Romania)

21st sess. (1966): Abdul Rahman Pazhwak (Afghanistan)

20th sess. (1965): Amintore Fanfani (Italy)

19th sess. (1964-1965): Alex Quaison-Sackey (Ghana)

  • Press release BIO/301
  • Election: A/PV.1286
  • Closing Remarks: A/PV.1286 (last page not digitized)
  • 20th Session Opening Remarks: A/PV.1332

18th sess. (1963): Carlos Sosa Rodriguez (Venezuela)

  • Press release BIO/231-GA/2807
  • Election: A/PV.1206
  • Closing Remarks:A/PV.1285
  • 19th Session Opening Remarks: A/PV.1286

17th sess. (1962): Muhammad Zafrulla Khan (Pakistan)

16th sess. (1961-1962): Mongi Slim (Tunisia)

  • Press release BIO/100
  • Election: A/PV.1008
  • Closing Remarks: A/PV.1121
  • 17th Session Opening Remarks: A/PV.1122

15th sess. (1960-1961): Frederick Henry Boland (Ireland)

  • Press release BIO/63
  • Election: A/PV.864
  • Closing Remarks: A/PV.995
  • 16th Session Opening Remarks - Tribute to Dag Hammarskjöld: A/PV.1007

14th sess. (1959): Victor Andres Belaunde (Peru)

13th sess. (1958-1959): Charles Malik (Lebanon)

  • Election: A/PV.747
  • Closing Remarks: A/PV.794
  • 14th Session Opening Remarks: None Given by Mr. Malik

12th sess. (1957): Sir Leslie Munro (New Zealand)

11th sess. (1956-1957): Prince Wan Waithayakon (Thailand)

10th sess. (1955): Jose Maza (Chile)

9th sess. (1954): Eelco N. van Kleffens (Netherlands)

  • Election: A/PV.473
  • Closing Remarks: A/PV.515
  • 10th Session Opening Remarks - None Given by Mr. van Kleffens

8th sess. (1953-1954): Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (India)

  • Election: A/PV.432
  • Closing Remarks: Makes Statement Deferring Remarks Until Opening off 9th Session - A/PV.472
  • 9th Session Opening Remarks - A/PV.473

7th sess. (1952-1953): Lester B. Pearson (Canada)

6th sess. (1951-1952): Luis Padilla Nervo (Mexico)

5th sess. (1950-1951): Nasrollah Entezam (Iran)

4th sess. (1949): Carlos P. Romulo (Philippines)

3rd sess. (1948-1949): H. V. Evatt (Australia)

  • Election: A/PV.137
  • Closing: A/PV.219
  • 4th Session Opening Remarks: Mr. Evatt was not present but a message from him was read

2nd sess. (1947): Oswaldo Aranha (Brazil)

1st sess. (1946): Paul-Henri Spaak (Belgium)

  • Election: A/PV.1
  • Closing: A/PV.67
  • 2nd Session Opening Remarks - No Remarks Given

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