Where can I find the 1946 Gentleman's Agreement regarding the equitable geographic representation in the Security Council?
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The 1946 Gentleman’s Agreement dealt with equitable geographic representation in the Security Council. According to the Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs (1945-1954), it was an oral agreement that was never recorded in any official document. The content of the agreement was summarized by Mr. Vyshinsky, delegate of the USSR, during the 450th Plenary meeting of the General Assembly in 1953 (A/PV.450).

According to the remarks by the USSR delegate, the Gentleman's Agreement was done in London.

"The Security Council held its first meeting on January 17, 1946, at Church House, Dean's Yard, Westminster, London. After the 23rd meeting on February 16, the Council adjourned for transfer to New York."
(Source: United Nations Yearbook, 1946-47).

More information on the equitable representation and Security Council reform is available from the Library catalogue, UNBISnet.

May 09, 2018     686


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