How should a UN depository library prepare the “Request for Documents” PS.16 claim?
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(Note: In order to follow the instructions, a sample PS.16 filled form is available below)

In the “Address for delivery” box on the form, enter the library’s name, address and depository mail code (e.g., DL-300, PL-12) as appearing in the mailing label used by the United Nations to send the deposit to the library.

Items should be listed in sequence within each category, one item to a line. Open entry (e.g., Demographic Yearbook 1998- ) and multiple entry (e.g., Demographic Yearbook 1998-2000) are not accepted.

For sales publications, use sales publication numbers only (e.g., 03.VI.5).

For Official Records, use official record supplement numbers only (e.g., GAOR, 57th sess., Suppl. No.3).sess., Suppl. No.3).

For masthead documents, use document symbols only (e.g., A/57/267, S/2003/5).

For items that do not bear sales publication number, official record supplement number or document symbol, use title and year/volume/issue number (e.g., Treaty Series vol. 1234).

Claim forms must be submitted to the United Nations office where a document or publication being claimed was published. 

Aug 23, 2018     62


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