What are the conditions of deposit for a United Nations depository library ?
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United Nations depository libraries are required to:

  • Place the material received in the care of qualified library staff;
  • Keep the material received in good order at their institutions;
  • Make the material received accessible to the general public, free of charge, at reasonable hours;
  • Make the material received available through interlibrary loan, photocopying or other means to users who cannot easily visit the depositories concerned;
  • Pay the annual contribution, if applicable, promptly; 

In addition, each depository library is requested to organize activities on a regular basis to publicize its United Nations collection.

The United Nations inquiries into the observance of the conditions of deposit by mandatory biennium questionnaires or by visits. 

The Publications Board reserves the right, when evidence is presented that the conditions of deposit are not satisfactorily met, to withdraw depository status.

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