Where can I find statements delivered by delegates during the opening sessions of the CSW62(2018) and previous years?
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Statements delivered by country delegates at the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) are accessible through the United Nations PaperSmart platform.

Statements by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are issued as official sessional documents with the symbol [E/CN.6/YEAR/NGO/sequential no.]—for example Statement by World Young Women's Christian Association is issued as E/CN.6/2017/NGO/48 and are searchable in the UN Official Document System (ODS) and the Library catalogue: UNBISNET

Previous Years

Statements delivered at the CSW57 (2013) session are available from the CSW57 website.

Speeches and communications delivered by the representatives to the commission during past sessions are issued as summaries in the final report.  The CSW communications committee puts together a summary of issues and communications received which are issued in the final report of the CSW to the Economic and Social Council; issued under the symbol [E/CN.6/Year/sequential no] and as supplement no. 7 of the Economic and Social Council Official Records of the year. 

A cumulative list of the symbols of the annual reports is available in the UN-I-QUE database (until 2014) and also searchable from UNBISnet, the library catalogue. Older copies that have not been digitized are available in hard copy at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library.

Summaries of discussions of the CSW Chair are issued in an official document under symbol series E/CN.6/2015/INF/[sequential no] at the end of each session. For example, The Chairs’ summaries of the panel discussions during the 59th session for agenda item 15 is issued in document E/CN.6/2015/INF/12 and  for agenda item 5 in E/CN.6/2015/INF/13  

CSW may also issue outcomes/agreed conclusions on priority themes set for each year. These contain an analysis of the priority theme and a set of concrete recommendations for governments, intergovernmental bodies, other institutions, civil society actors, and other relevant stakeholders.  Agreed conclusions are available from the UN Women website and searchable from the the Library catalogue - UNBISnet.

Expert papers delivered during a session are issued in document symbol EGM/CWW/EP.* and are searchable in papersmart document platform.


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